What's up nerds, I'm Jason.

I'm a digital freelancer, writer, uncle, internet troublemaker, and fond admirer of the French Goodbye.

From Jason is my digital garden— a personal website where I tend to my writing, projects, oddities, interesting finds, failed dreams, and new hopes. I recently added a micro.blog subdomain as an experiment. Check it out: micro.fromjason.xyz.

I built this site from the ashes of Twitter and Facebook, using Indie Web tenets for my mortar. What is made, stands as a rejection of corporate social media silos and signals my full participation in the Indie Web. Plus, chicks dig personal websites, bro. Right? Oh no

Welcome. Feel free to poke around, follow one of my feeds (here's my notebook), or contact me directly. I'm glad you're here.

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Not as long as other autobiographies but every bit as pompous.
Or, how I made this website, who helped, and all my inspirations.
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Things I'm up to— my current projects, passions, hyper fixations, and unreasonable goals.