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Or, how I made this website, who helped, and all my inspirations.

This is my site's (abridged) colophon; a word I definitely knew before today. I'm still working on the full write-up, but I didn't want to keep the site up for too long without giving proper credits. So, here is the abridged version for now.

Tom Chalky for typeface and graphics

The primary font is called Volume TC and the secondary font is called Volume TC Sans. Both are handcrafted by Tom Chalky. The graphics are mostly from old books that Tom vectorized and offers in different illustration packages.

Webflow for HTML and CSS

I made the design in Webflow and exported the site (HTML & CSS).

11ty for static site generation

11ty is a lightweight static site generator. I chopped up my HTML and used the 11ty starter template called eleventy-base-blog as the structural foundation for the site.

Netlify for hosting (and Github)

I use Github as my repository and linked it to Netlify. When I commit a change in Github (like adding a post) it automatically updates my site.

Digital Gardens for Ethos

I stumbled on the concept of digital gardens in Maggie Appleton's blog post A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden.

Other inspirations

Information Architects website design circa 2011

Write Freely, open source writing space

This is a motherfucking website

Store everything in text files

The Website Obesity Crisis

How the Blog Broke the Web

Digital Garden Terms of Service

Taco Bell Programming

Communal Bonfires

Choose Boring Technology

Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb

The Bullshit WebHow to Take Back the Internet by Choosing the Internet Less Traveled

More to come.