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Jason Velazquez

This section is about me, Jason. It includes a few sub pages, plus where to find me. Why are you looking for me? Weirdo. (Please look for me).

Not as long as other autobiographies but every bit as pompous.
Or, how I made this website, who helped, and all my inspirations.
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Things I'm up to— my current projects, passions, hyper fixations, and unreasonable goals.

Where to find me

Here are a few ways to reach me and follow my writing.


Shoot me an email anytime about anything. I'd love to hear from you » Email Jason.


I'm slowly moving away from centralized social media, in theory. My goal is to step away first, then delete. That's how I did Facebook. I'm spending most of my time on Mastodon these days.

RSS feeds by plot

You can now subscribe to the indvidual plots that make up From Jason *air horn noise*. Use the links below or copy / paste the plot's url into your favorite RSS reader.

Note: both xml and json versions of my rss feed provide the same content and should both work in most reeders

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My public bookmarks & lists

Note 12/10/2023: I am in the process of revamping my bookmarks and curation. if you came here hoping for a big list of cool sites, you'll want to come back later. For now, most of my lists are disabled. 01/09/2024: I'm working on it promise.