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Jason's Bio

Not as long as other autobiographies but every bit as pompous.

It's me, Jason. I'm a freelancer, occasional storyteller, and self-taught over-thinker.

I'm also a writer and web developer. Pixel Riot is my freelance business. It's going through a bit of a transitional period at the moment, as I shift from offering services to creating digital products. Check out my Now page.

I enjoy curating lists—an activity that feeds my brain— and sharing those lists with my friends, unsolicited. I also have a passion for well-designed things. One of my favorite books is The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman.

I'm a solo traveler, pastry sommelier, and admirer of the French Goodbye. I like full-grain leather weekend bags, libraries, and 90s New York rap. My favorite hobby is collecting note-taking apps.

My life’s goal is to own a small goat farm in Montana. There, I'll write a mediocre Magic Realism novel. I'll grow a long, patchy beard and wear a tattered wool sweater. As the years pass, I slowly slip into mild insanity.

One day, while at the market, I notice a newspaper with the headline “World Ending! Zombies Invade!” When I arrive back home, a child is standing at my door. I learn that the child has the zombie cure. I know what I must do. I embark on a hero's journey, trekking across country to save the world. Will I succeed? Only God knows.

Anyway, that's an original story idea. Please don't steal it .

If you enjoyed my writing and you want to say thanks, I take both friendly emails and cold hard motherfucking cash (you can buy me a coffee, thanks).

I love you,

— Jason