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written by: jason velazquez
"Another web nerd telling us we're doing the internet wrong”
— hacker news commenter
"Web nerds tell normal people' they're doing the internet wrong... again.”
—slashdot user

hat's up, weirdos. I'm Jason. Welcome to my digital garden. I'm happy you're here. Please make yourself comfortable. By day, I'm a digital freelancer, copywriter, uncle, and cheese danish sommelier. By night, I drink the blood of my enemies in an old Mountain Dew bottle I found in a Buc-ee's bathroom. Kidding. I'm just a guy who likes to blog about technology, design, the web, and anything I'm hyper fixated on at the time.

Welcome. Feel free to poke around, follow one of my feeds (here's my notebook), or contact me directly. I'm glad you're here.

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