What's up nerds, I'm Jason.

I'm a digital freelancer, writer, uncle, internet troublemaker, and fond admirer of the French Goodbye.

From Jason is my digital garden— a personal website where I tend to my writing, projects, oddities, interesting finds, failed dreams, and new hopes. I recently added a micro.blog subdomain as an experiment. Check it out: micro.fromjason.xyz.

Welcome. Feel free to poke around, follow one of my feeds (here's my notebook), or contact me directly. I'm glad you're here.

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More, other, & additional, and etcetera, and more.

Not as long as other autobiographies but every bit as pompous.
Or, how I made this website, who helped, and all my inspirations.
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Things I'm up to— my current projects, passions, hyper fixations, and unreasonable goals.