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13 October 2023

Meta doesn't hate news, just anything that moves us off the app

Meta's vision for social media is a billion lobotomized users engaging with The Hamburglar's new value meal. To realize that vision, the conglomerate is downgrading "news" on its platforms.

Instagram CEO post Link to post here.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has taken a wishy-washy stance on news and its roll on the Threads platform. He's mentioned "over promising" and "under delivering" at least a couple of times. Whatever the hell that means, I don't buy it.

Meta does not like posts that take you off its app, like ones with URLs. Like news. They never have. That's really the crux of this news situation.

Facebook learned that bullying news outlets into publishing natively on Instant Articles does not work. If it did work, and Threads could keep everyone on the app while offering breaking news coverage, the folks at Meta would be singing a different tune.

Mosseri says he won't "amplify" news. He has yet to, as far as I'm aware, define what "news" is and isn't. He has not announced what "amplify" means, or if the opposite of that means "suppress."

This whole news thing is a convenient problem for Meta because now they can flag all URLs as "news" and suppressed it in their algorithm. Are cooking blogs considered news? Who knows.

Anyway, let's all be good little users and creators who exist only to amplify Fortune 500 companies and produce content for Meta's large language models.


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