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09 November 2023

Madonna in the 80s? AI already tainting our history

This Reddit post, an ode to early Madonna, has 505 upvotes at the time of writing this note. But, the seemingly innocuous collection of Madonna photos from the late 70s and early 80s feels off. Particularly photos 7 and 8, where Madonna's face gives an almost uncanny valley feel. Maybe it's the extra arm coming from Madonna's torso in pic 8.

Here's an actual photo of young Madonna from the collection: Young Madonna

And here's the AI-generated photos that made its way into the Reddit post: Fake Madonna Fake Madonna

The redditor who posted the collection claims to not have noticed that two of the dozen photos were fake:

I just googled "Madonna in the 80s"

Sorry I am not an expert at detecting AI, but you are acting like I'm deliberately deceiving people.

I'm not.

I believe them, which makes this situation that much more unsettling.

Google is just throwing AI generated photos into the pile with all the authentic photos. No disclaimers.

History is already warped thanks to the internet. I can't see how AI helps the situation.

Unrelated, Madonna is a babe. Young Madonna


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