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10 October 2023

Interesting finds, October 10, 2023

A few things I stumbled upon last week. No theme. Just some cool stuff.

Every Noise Ever wonder what genre an artist belongs to? In an effort to categorize music and personalize playlists, Spotify "invented" a bunch of sub genres. Every Noise lets you enter an artist name and reveal the associated sub genres.

First iPhone Impressions Noted Apple blogger and Markdown inventor John Gruber writes about his experience with the first ever iPhone in 2007.

Autonomy Online A Case For The IndieWeb Name says it all. Good write up.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweets his love for the stock Notes app on iOS (2018) Nothing wrong with using notes but, I never felt the urge to evangelize Apple's most neglected bloatware. Jack seems to love it. Good for him. Maybe he can write an apology in it for selling twitter to a child.

Publishing to 11ty with iA Writer and Micropub I am this close to building a custom blog. I've done a ton of research to find a good static blog framework and 11ty seems to be a favorite among bespoke bloggers. Here's what appears to be a great tutorial (haven't done it yet) that explains how to set up an 11ty-powered blog and post directly from iA Writer. It's exactly what I want to do so I'm excited to try it.


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