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17 November 2023

App defaults

Just last night I stumbled on The Small Website Discoverability Crisis post while scrolling Hacker News. And here I am tonight, writing a post based on a viral trend with over 150 personal sites participating so far.

The internet finds a way (goldblum.gif).

There's another digital world out there; one buried under the Google SERP and Meta algorithm. But, once you find it, nothing else will do. It's a wonderful place with handcrafted blogs, lingering digital gardens, snarky manifestos (and even snarkier manifes-don'ts), and other fantastic internet oddities that you just won't find on even the fifth page of Google.

Anyway, this trend is dope. I also suddenly feel a little vulnerable about the apps I use. Am I vanilla? Me?

My default app list #

  • Mail Client: Outlook & Apple Mail
  • Mail Server: Office 365 & iCloud+
  • Notes: Notion
  • To-Do: iOS Reminders or Notion
  • iPhone Photo Shooting: Camera app
  • Photo Management: Apple Photos
  • Calendar: Outlook & Apple Calendar
  • Cloud File Storage: iCloud + but also kinda Notion?
  • RSS: Reeder
  • Contacts: Why? You want my number? Apple Contacts.
  • Browser: Safari but slowly testing Arc.
  • Chat: Discord
  • Bookmarks: and it gets used often.
  • Read It Later:
  • Word Processing: iA Writer, enthusiastically.
  • Spreadsheets: Excel til I die. Also sometimes Airtable.
  • Presentations: Just made the switch to iA Presenter
  • Shopping Lists: Reminders but I also have a wishlist on Raindrop if you want to get me something.
  • Meal Planning: gut instincts (but also shout out to Mela)
  • Budgeting and Personal Finance: see meal planning.
  • News: Apple News+ and a curated Reeder feed.
  • Music: Apple Music (I have Apple One, okay?)
  • Podcasts: Pocket Casts
  • Password Management: 1 Password (but looking for recommendations. Hit me on mastodon.)

This was fun. Shout out to Robb Knight for cultivating this trend. Happy thanksgiving.


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