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02 November 2023

I made a Lorem Ipsum page

Go to: Lorem Ipsum with copy button

I made a Lorem Ipsum (Lipsum if you're nasty) because the site I use for my website dummy text has gone mad with advertisements. I suspect it's the same site we all use.

I'm cool with ads. Get paid for your work! But when the ads have user-hostile behavior, I'm out. The website I'm speaking of now jumps the page down when you try to copy the text. It does this to show an ad. Booooo.

Anyway, the new Lorem Ipsum page has a copy button next to each passage. I also designed the passage for specific typesetting: small paragraphs, a few titles, and longer paragraphs. It's a version 1 attempt for sure, but I find it better than the alternative. It's what I'll be using for all my Lorem Ipsum needs.

I used generative AI to populate the text #

I gave Chat GPT 4 a prompt to generate the dummy text. I felt better using AI than copying directly from another website.

Chat GPT spat out the Lorem Ipsum and also included a translation. Is it real Latin? Who knows. Chat GPT likes to talk out its ass sometimes. My understanding is that standard Lorum Ipsum is not real Latin. It just looks like it.

Results from Chat GPT 4 #

Link to full chat: Lorem Ipsum 2.0 Renewed

Here's an excerpt with the accompanying translation:

"In perenni questu formae perfectae, ‘Mysterium Artis’ se expandit ultra marginem, fontes et spatia inter verba subtiliter moderans. Hic, in labyrintho pulchritudinis typographicae, designatores quaerunt harmoniam absconditam, elementa visiva inter se nectentes in chorea silentii. Ars typographica est tamquam flumen, cuius undae sunt ligaturae et capita, motus et pausas textuales creantes. ‘Lorem Ipsum 2.0’ ambulat per hanc viam mediam, inter lucem et umbram, ubi forma tantum non est figura, sed nuntius internus, sermo sine sonitu, qui mentes movet et oculos delectat. Ad hunc finem, structurae novae, simul cum antiqua arte manu scriptorum, sinunt legentes etiam inanis verbi profundum gustare, ut verum artis essentiam capiant."

(Translation: In the eternal quest for the perfect form, 'The Mystery of Art' extends beyond the margin, subtly moderating fonts and the spaces between words. Here, in the labyrinth of typographical beauty, designers seek the hidden harmony, connecting visual elements among themselves in a dance of silence. The art of typography is like a river, whose waves are ligatures and headings, creating movements and textual pauses. 'Lorem Ipsum 2.0' walks this middle path, between light and shadow, where form is not just a figure, but an internal message, a speech without sound, which moves minds and delights eyes. To this end, new structures, together with the ancient art of handwriting, allow even the depth of an empty word to be savored, capturing the true essence of art.)


Anyway, feel free to use my Lorem Ipsum page.


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