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30 October 2023

This event was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac

Just finished watching Apple's Scary Fast Event[^1]. Cook & Co. announced a new MacBook Pro, updated iMac, and the M3 chip family (M3, Pro, Ultra). Pretty standard stuff, if not a little light on substance. I'm not complaining. They can't all have "one more thing" energy.

But there was something at the end I hadn't noticed before in previous events. Did you catch it? On the last slide of the presentation, there was a message under the Apple logo: "This event was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac."

That's a pretty impressive claim when you think about it. A trillion dollar company used a smartphone camera to shoot its infomercial. Wild stuff.

Anyway, here are some press photos from the event with a screen shot of the message at the bottom.

Space Black MacbookPro

The Space Black MacBook Pro looks dope. It's almost time for an upgrade too...

Space Black MacbookPro

You know what?

Pro Retina Display

I wrote and posted this article from my iPhone, come to think of it.

Space Black MacbookPro

And then I downloaded the images from Apple's press release and uploaded to my server, all without opening a laptop.

Side view of Space Black MacbookPro

I wish we had Universal healthcare...

Top view of Space Black MacbookPro

but this is nice too, I guess.

M3 Chips

The future is now.


[^1] Watch event


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