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23 December 2023

Posts critical of Threads and Meta missing on Mammoth app

There were big chunks of posts missing under the threads hashtag feed. Some are still missing. Many of these posts were critical to the Threads / Mastodon interpolation. I’ve observed this behavior only on the third party Mammoth app for Mastodon.

I'm asking everyone who already uses the Mammoth app to share if you have seen anything similar to what I'm about to describe. I reached out to Mammoth's Mastodon account last night, and I've yet to see a response.

So, here's what I saw, in chronological order, with whatever screenshots and video I have related to the event.

Notes: 1)I blacked out names of users where I could, as best I could, while still showing the necessary info. 2) I have been very critical of the threads mastodon interpolation. 3) I'm sorry for any typos. It's late, I'm tired. I didn't do much editing.

Post Removed messages #

It started yesterday afternoon, which would be Thursday December 22nd. I noticed a blank square with "Post Removed" on it on my Following feed in the Mammoth app for Mastodon. It appeared to be a repost by Seirdy. I thought it was odd, as I have never seen that before. I took a screenshot of it[1].

That night, while scrolling a followed hashtag feed, I watched a post go from visible, to a blank square, again with the message “Post Removed.” But when I checked different apps, the same post was visible in the same place on the feed.[2]

I thought maybe it was deleted or set to private as I was viewing it. Or perhaps it was removed from the server I'm on. So, I first went to the Mastodon official app. The post was there. Then I went on #IvoryApp, #IceCubesApp, The post existed in each location, both on the hashtag feed and the user's profile.

I tried using my other Mastodon account, I logged into safari, I even turned my phone on and off, per the sage advice of the IT Crowd. Couldn't reproduce it the behavior anywhere but Mammoth.

Missing posts under the threads hashtag feed #

Now I'm bouncing between three different Mastodon apps, scrolling the threads hashtag feed on each one. Immediately I noticed something else odd.

There are way less posts visible on the hashtag feed on Mammoth, than the other two apps. Like, enough were I noticed just by eyeing it.

Now I'm specifically looking for patterns. I see two posts that shared this link were missing from the feed in Mammoth. It was the same link that the disappearing Mastodon post shared.

What I eventually found was that posts that used the threads hashtag from around 245pm to 7pm were missing from the hashtag feed on the Mammoth app but not Ice Cubes, Ivory, or the official Mastodon app.[3]

Missing posts seen on the meta hashtag feed #

So then I started scrolling a few other hashtag feeds that I follow— #meta, #smallweb, #freelance, and #FrutigerAero (nostalgia am I right). All of them seemed fine, except one.

On the meta hashtag feed, I see a post that had a threads hashtag, which I had not seen before. Then, I noticed another, and another. I screenshot about five in total before moving on.[4].

Again, I could only replicate this behavior on the Mammoth app.

The disappearing post in a screen record, with others reappearing #

By now I'm wondering if it's a cache issue or something. I went to settings and saw Mammoth has a clear cache button. I started screen recording.

When I went back to the hashtag feed, I saw that the original post was once again visible. However, as you can see, it disappeared again.[5]

As you'll see at least some of the missing chunk of posts reappeared. But it didn't resolve. I found more the next morning.

I then noticed two more posts missing from the threads feed on Mammoth[6]. Both shared the same link that the disappearing post shared from last night. The link was to a post critical of Meta, with specific mentions to the Threads Mastodon interpolation.

This afternoon another disappearing post on the Following feed #

Then this afternoon I saw another post disappear. This time it was in the Following feed on Mammoth. It was one of Seirdy's post again[7]. This post was unrelated to the Threads and Mastodon interpolation.

Seirdy and I chatted and they said it was okay to tag them.

Conclusion, but not really. #

With posts reappearing after clearing the cache, but the post in question still disappearing, then the missing posts this morning again in the threads hashtag feed, I don't know what's going on.

I did my best to document what I was seeing. Take what's useful, dismiss what you find not useful. But please, keep an eye on this and share your findings.

Note: Since this post is way longer than I expected it to be, I will give a summary on Mastodon and link to this post. Perhaps in the morning I'll do a thread too.

Screenshots and records #

  1. Seirdy's first removed post ↩︎

  2. Post missing on Mammoth but visible on Ice Cubes. ↩︎

  3. Video: posts jump from 4 hours to 9 hours on Mammoth while Those visible on Ice Cubes. ↩︎

  4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 missing posts found on the meta hashtag feed. ↩︎

  5. Disappearing post screen record plus other posts reappearing. ↩︎

  6. Video: Two more posts missing. ↩︎

  7. Seirdy's second removed post. ↩︎


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