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01 November 2023

My Indie Web list

Note 12/10/2023: I am in thr process of revamping my bookmarks and curation. if you came here hoping for a big list of cool sites, you'll want to come back in a couple days. Id say Monday. I have some fun stuff I'm finishing up. For now, most of my lists are disabled.

At night before bed, I'll bounce around the indie web for a couple hours. I used to spend that time on TikTok, but I've slowly moved away from trad-social for a few months now.

Along the way, I'll bookmark a website, or three, or throw one into to my RSS reader. I love it! I find new, interesting people all the time. Each for a different reasons.

Maybe I like the person's site design, or I enjoyed a piece they wrote, or whatever. I'm just trying to build a feed that lives outside of Meta and TikTok, you know?

But, the next time I open Reeder, and I see a site I add just the day before, I have no idea who these people are and what they're doing here. Why did I take the time to save them? Reeder doesn't seem to have an annotation feature so I never jot down a reason.

So, this is my half-assed attempt to make note of what I thought was so interesting about said person.

For now, I'm embedding a Raindrop collection called Indie Web. I'd to post natively but at the moment, there's too much friction between my writing app and publishing here (I'm still settling into my new site). I don't see myself posting each time I bookmark.

This temporary process is not ideal either. I'll have to add a site to Reeder, then add it again to Raindrop with a note. That's way too many steps. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll write an iOS Shortcut or something.

The List #

This list is for personal websites I add to my RSS reader while researching the indie web. Each entry will (should?) have a note to remind me why I added the site.


label name
Plot notebook
Type list
Phase ongoing
Assumed audience everyone