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07 October 2023

Elon received playbook to kill Twitter

From Ben Collins for NBC:

Musk’s purchase of Twitter, the 3,000-word anonymous article said, would amount to a “declaration of war against the Globalist American Empire.” The sender of the texts was offering Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, a playbook for the takeover and transformation of Twitter. As the anniversary of Musk's purchase approaches, the identity of the sender remains unknown.

The article Collins refers to was published by an ex-Trump staffer and texted to Elon Musk before his Twitter purchase. It outlines a strategy wishlist for destroying the platform. Such items include blaming the ADL when advertisers flee, purging the "blue checks" and deplatforming prominent accounts, which, the article text predicted, would be a "battle."

Ben Collins provides the details via video on TwitterX. In it, he asks for help revealing the person who texted Elon the article link, which is currently redacted.

A friend and I often debate whether Elons actions are a deliberate attempt to kill the bird app. My friend, more reasonable than I, reminds me not to blame malice for stupidity. And he's right. Even with Collins' reporting, how do we prove intent? But man, it's hard not to draw conclusions. Elon is like Jack Donaghy with none of the charm, and Tucker Carlson's Twitter show is God Cop.


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